History and Archives in Practice

The National Archives UK| March 24, 2023

Presenters: Holly Brewer, Lauren M. Michalak (University of Maryland), Jamie Gemmell (King’s College London)


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The Royal Geographical Pastime: A Game from 1770

Early American Studies Miscellany| July 15, 2022

Writer: Holly Brewer

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Speaking of Digital Scholarship

Slavery Law & Power Project Launch| November 12, 2021

Presenters: Holly Brewer, Ji Kim, Lauren M. Michalak, Hannah Nolan, Jordan Sly (University of Maryland, College Park)


The Americas Online: Thinking Digitally About Early America

Law, Slavery, and the Digital Humanities | November 12, 2021

Presenters: Matt M. Fischer, Derek Litvak, Lauren M. Michalak (University of Maryland, College Park)


American Philosophical Society

Meanings of Independence | October 18-22 2021

“Cruel War Against Human Nature Itself: Understanding the American Revolution’s Impact on Slavery within the Context of Imperial Governance”

Presenter: Holly Brewer (University of Maryland, College Park)

Association for Documentary Editing Annual Conference

Tracing Debates Over Justice and Democracy | July 6 2021

Presenters: Matt M. Fischer, Lauren M. Michalak, Jordan S. Sly; Holly Brewer as chair (University of Maryland, College Park)