Timelines & Maps

 Slavery in Early America Timeline

We used Knight Lab’s open-source TimelineJS tool to create a demo of important documents and events and how they relate to each other across time.

Royal Geographic Game

We’ve transcribed and digitized a 1770 board game that was meant to educate young boys of that time about world trade. Consider how locations in this game are described through the lens of the British Empire. For instance, Stop 13 at Johanna is described as “here the traveller must stay one turn, to purchase courie-shells, which pass as money in the African trade.”

British Empire in the Americas

We took a 1768 map of the Americas and marked the 40 British colonies there by 1776. In all, slavery was legal. How does viewing this map affect our regional and spacial understanding of Britain’s law influence in the Americas?

The South Sea Scheme

Painter and engraver William Hogarth created an engraving criticizing the South Sea Company’s rise and fall. Explore this demo and work-in-progress analysis of the engraving’s details, which may point to Hogarth’s denouncement of slavery.